Earth to heaven
Donald and Joan Gear

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The royal Animal-Shaped weights of the Burmese empires.

Comprised mainly of new and original information, this volume will be of value as a resource for both the specialist and non-specialist — those who appreciate the region, its peoples, and their history; the artistic beauty and symbolism of its ancient weights; and the metrology and relations of the weights to the various kinds of currency formerly in use. In particular, the book will appeal to the historical metrologist, the oriental numismatist, the art historian, the symbolist, the ethnologist, the antiquarian, the dealer, the collector, the oriental museum curator, the specialist librarian, and the scholar of oriental studies. Earth to Heaven describes the physical characteristics of the weights and their relationships, their manufacture, standardization and usage as well as the various motifs, their origins and transference to Burma. It also includes a fascinating discussion of the different animal shapes and their symbolic significance.


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