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Book by Gaston Diehl on the art and life of Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely (1906-1997). The quality of the prints is excellent, 52 in full colour and 22 in monochrome. Also, in 20 pages, Gaston Diehl provides an insightful overview of Vasarely’s artistic evolution from a graphic artist as a young man in his 20s who then went down `the wrong track’ (according the artist himself) producing works in the styles of the day – cubism, expressionism, futurism, symbolism, surrealism – until he found his artistic and visual voice around age 40 in geometric abstract art (Op-Art). Diehl also explains how Vasarely was also a pioneer in kinetic art.

Diehl writes of Vasarely’s working out his own style of art and geometry, a geometric style the artist developed over many years of trial and error: “The desire to achieve harmonious compositions and unique constructive solutions. To accomplish this, he constantly attempts to situate forms and colors on the plane surface; to purify both in order to obtain an economy of means and a total simplification, which are not however an impoverishment, as he emphasizes in his reflections; and lastly, to organize a rhythmic, balanced concatenation which suggests both a different space and a movement in gestation.” From my own experience, this is what I see when looking at Vasarely’s geometrical shapes, a kind of purity and rhythm and balance as the clear forms and vivid colors seem to play with one another. It is as if I am transported into another world, a non-temporal world completely free and open. I imagine these are the types of visions one would have in an other-worldly spiritual realm of light and bliss. If this sounds mystical, you are right – this is mystical. And for good reason. Vasarely, as Diehl explains, engaged in a “transformation of the external vision into an internal vision”.


Staat boek: Boek is in uitstekende staat, gebonden met losse omslag. Book is in excellent condition, hardcover with dust jacket.


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