Practical ear-needling therapy

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Auriculotherapy is to treat disease by puncturing certain areas of the auricle. It is a traditional method of treatment and a component part of acupuncture. The relationship between the ear, internal organs and meridians was recorded more than 2.000 years ago in Huangti Nei-Ching (canon of medicine). The chapter “Kou Wen Pien” in Ling She says, ‘The ear is the place where all the meridians meet’. Treating disease with ear-acupuncture is noted down through the ages. Since 1956 the method has been used throughout China.

In recent years, the method of stimulating auricular points develops from simple insertion to the intradermal imbedding of needle, electric needle, drug-injection, ear-point massage, kneading the ear with fingers etc. The range of treatment has been continuously extended, the therapeutic effect has been increased, even the ear acupuncture anesthesia has been created. All of the have promoted the Chinese traditional medicine to enter a new phase.

The book includes color illustrations and explains the difference between British and Chinese acupuncture.


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