New York New York
Richard Koek

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New York is a city that is constantly changing, unlike Amsterdam or Paris. With the exception of a few fixed places, such as Grand Central and the Empire State Building, the city is different every time you return, even the iconic Times Square is never the same. This is the world where the life of Amsterdam New Yorker Richard Koek takes place. captures his photos. He shows people who survive coolly and with healthy irony in a city that honors hard workers and shows no pity for those who are not successful. The people, coming from all over the world, cherish their past with nostalgia and pride and try to create the happiness they have always dreamed of. In this special photo book, Richard Koek shows an impressive city and its inspiring residents.


Staat boek: Boek is in nieuwstaat, hardcover. Book is as new, hardcover.

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