Cambodia Starvation & Revolution
George C. Hildebrand, Gareth Porter

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The study was undertaken with two purposes in mind: to demonstrate the character of the U.S. intervention in Cambodia during the last moths of the war, and to clarify the enormous dimensions of the tasks that the National Front of Kampuchea (NUFK) confronted -successfully in our view- at the close of the war.

An investigation if this kind was made imperative by the propaganda barrage that followed the NUFK victory on April 17, 1975. After the collapse of the Lon Nol government, both U.S. officials and the western press, with a view exceptions, portrayed the evacuation of Cambodian cities as an atrocity equivalent to those committed in Nazi Germany. To the original charges lodged against the NUFK were added allegations some weeks later that the entire country has been plunged into severe famine…..


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