The Japanese print; a historical guide
Hugo Munsterberg

This straightforwardly written and highly informative book is designed as an introductory history and guide to Japanese prints for the student and the beginning collector. Not limited to “ukiyo-e”, it also discusses medieval Buddhist prints and the prints of the modern era, from the Mieiji period to the present. Thus such modern luminaries as Onchi, Hiratsuka, and Munakata are presented alongside the Edo master printmakers Harunobu, Kiyonaga, Utamaro, Sharaku, Hokusai, and Hiroshige. A major virtue of the book is the attention it gives to the aesthetics of the prints and to the lives of the printmakers themselves. Illustrated with 14 prints in full color and 86 in black and white, it also offers a thoroughly useful chapter on the collection and care of Japanse prints, a glossary, and a valuable selected bibliography.



Staat boek: Boek is in uitstekende staat, gebonden met losse omslag. Book is in excellent condition, hardcover with dust jacket.

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