From green to ESG
Matt Ellis

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From green to ESG


Matt Ellis


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How data-driven transparency changed real estate for good.

Commercial real estate (CRE) represents the world’s largest asset class. It also absorbs some of the greatest impacts of climate change, and it accounts for at least 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. It is easy to understand why CRE is undergoing increasing scrutiny by regulators, insurers, and investors, and why demand is greater than ever for more resilient, sustainable buildings.

Climate change poses tangible risks to real estate developers, owners, and investors alike. Wildfires, floods, and severe weather represent physical threats, while increasing regulation and a rising investor focus on sustainability lead to financial threats to real estate owners. Only recently has CRE truly come to terms with those risks and began taking action toward mitigating them.

In his first book, Matt Ellis—a pioneer in environmental, social and governance (ESG) management for the real estate industry—answers existential questions plaguing investors, owners, and environmentalists alike: How can you truly measure the environmental and social impact of a building? How can you gather credible information to make better investments for your portfolio and the planet? How will the ESG Era succeed where the Green movement fell short?

By recounting key historical milestones in the Green movement of the 20th Century and illustrating the rise of a modern, more quantitative approach to sustainability and social responsibility, Ellis paints a picture that’s vivid in its clarity and its message: ESG will lead to a flow of capital to the buildings that are equipped to withstand climate risks and meet the sustainability demands of the modern era—but only if investors have unfettered access to accurate, credible, and transparent data. Whether you’re a CRE professional, investor, or simply a person invested in the spaces where you live and work, this book offers insights you can’t afford to ignore.



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