Perceptual psychology

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A humanistic approach to the study of persons.

This book is a substantial revision of Arthur W. Combs and Donald Snygg’s classic Individual behavior

“Perceptual Psychology” describes a theory for understanding persons which has considerable historical as well as contemporary significance. First formulated by Donald Snygg and Arthur W. Combs in 1949, this theory made a major contribution to American Psychology by focusing attention on the relationship between an individual’s experience (perceptions, goals, beliefs, meanings) and his or her behavior (action, expression).
“Perceptual Psychology” articulates a point of view that lies at the heart of philosophy, religion, education, jurisprudence, psychotherapy and political thought when these return to the basic idea that what determines our behavior and thus the form of human institutions, are the values, beliefs and attitudes shaping our view of ourselves and the world.



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