Life among the poor in Cairo
Unni Wikan

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Beschrijving van de armoede in de sloppenwijken van Cairo.

Drawn from the day-to-day observations of an anthropologist during the course of seven months fieldwork, this studie is a detailed record of the shaping of daily life and experience in one of the poorest quarters of Cairo.

The author focusses in particular upon the lives of women, and their continual struggle against poverty which divides husband from wife, father from child, and neighbour from neighbor. This is a closely observed account of the ways in which the lives of the poor people of Cairo, and the women most of all, are limited by poverty. Revealing the complexity of the social pattern created by these circumstances, the author demonstrates that there are no easy solutions to the problems and hardships she describes.


Staat boek: Boek is in uitstekende staat, kleine naamsvermelding op schutblad, eerste druk. Book is in excellent condition, small name on first page, first print.

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