The hundred years war
Edouard Perroy

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Scientific relevant book on the Hundred years war. This is a remarkable book, not only for its erudition but also for the circumstances in which it was produced, in the midst of a hide-and-seek with the Gestapo in 1944-45. What makes this book particularly useful is that Perroy is a French professor in medieval history at the Sorbonne; most English language books on the war are written by historians in England and predominately from an English perspective. Perroy gives plenty of space in his book to both sides of the war. This is not only a military history; he takes a much wider view of the war. Perroy goes into much detail about what is happening in England and France social and constitutional. But this seems in line with Perroy’s thesis: that what was going on outside the fighting really defined the course of the war, particularly the shifts between stability and turmoil within the two governments.



Staat boek: Boek is in goede staat, linnen gebonden met losse omslag. Book is in good condition, hardcover with dust jacket.

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