J. Allen Hobson

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Where does consciousness come from and how does it work? Is it a purely biological thing? Where does the brain leave off and the mind begin? These questions, once viewed as ethereal and impossible to study empirically, are now being addressed by science in bold and startling new ways.

In Consciousness, world-renowned neuropsychiatrist J. Allan Hobson presents a witty and introspective consideration of this mysterious concept, connecting it to specific areas of the brain and their chemical and physical states. Hobson guides his readers through the various states of waking, dreaming, and nonconsciousness using the theories and data of neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurophysiology. Although his ideas are based in science, his imaginative approach keeps us in touch with the mysterious and seductive nature of his subject.

Richly woven, with references to literature, philosophy, and the author’s personal experiences, Consciousness is a delightful and compact introduction to a concept central to the human experience.


Staat boek: Boek is in uitstekende staat, gebonden met losse omslag, eerste druk nr. 68. Book is in excellente condition, hardcover with dust jacket, first printing nr. 68 of a series.

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